Tactical Chorus

This course provides comprehensive training on Chorus Analyse. Participants become expert users through working on an investigation with multiple data and intelligence feeds.

2 day course

Learning outcomes

Exceptions icon


Load data and manage exceptions

Attribution icon


Understand the attribution features of Chorus and differentiate between subjects and nominals

Social networks icon

Social networks

Map out social networks using Chorus

Location analysis icon

Location analysis

Conduct complex location analysis on multiple subjects of interest

Merge sessions icon

Merge sessions

Merge sessions and utilise Chorus to find links across multiple investigations

Customise icon


Effectively navigate and customise Chorus

Subjects icon


Analyse single subjects of interest, identifying pattern of life and contacts

Sanitise icon


Sanitise and share Chorus products

SIM swaps icon

SIM swaps

Identify SIM and device swapping/ sharing, and bulk SIM purchases

Common contacts icon

Common contacts

Identify common contacts and direct contacts