Introduction To Communications Data

This course provides a comprehensive overview of communications data, from its acquisition through to its use in aiding investigations and enhancing operational decision making.

1 day course

Learning outcomes

Processes icon


Define the processes and legislation that underpin the acquisition and use of communications data

Legislation icon


Understand the impact of the Investigatory Powers Act (2016)

Attribution icon


Recognise the critical role data plays in evidence and the importance of evidential attribution in a case

Data types icon

Data types

Know the types of data available under existing legislation and it can be successfully utilised within investigations

Networks icon


Outline network features and data acquisition opportunities in relation to IP networks and Wi-Fi providers

Data acquisition icon

Data acquisition

Understand mobile phone network features and identify data acquisition opportunities for use in investigations.

Interpret icon


Interpret current data sets from different communications service providers and apply that interpretation to help make informed decisions