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Chorus Detect

Search Any Data, Anywhere

Chorus Detect allows you to triage, index, and search data to conduct cross-case analysis and unlock intelligence from historical and operational files.

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Index and search across any file type that may hold valuable information including JPEGs, CSVs and PPTs. Built-in optical character recognition (OCR) can read PDFs, text files and other unstructured data to help you spot connections and compare cases.

Data types

"It's like Google for your internal data" - UK Police Analyst


Triage Data

Drag and drop your data into Chorus Detect to aid tactical analysis and intelligence development. Decide which lines of enquiry to pursue and where to focus resources with fast triage of your data such as handset downloads and communications data.

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Cross Case Comparison

Comparing cases has never been easier with Chorus Detect. It's unrivaled ability to reveal commonalities in the data and show where people, devices, and other entities have appeared before supports strategic analysis and unlocks intelligence from any operation.

Any Search Term

Search on any term or entity such as phone number, IMEI, Facebook ID, or even a keyword. Results are displayed where that term either appears in the file name, content, or metadata. Any changes made to your original directory or file and Detect automatically picks up on those changes ready for your next search.

Bulk and Elastic Search

Either paste a list of phone numbers and other entities into Chorus Detect or search using elastic technology to instantly reveal crossovers and determine where numbers, devices and other entities have appeared before.


Custom and predefined reports can be generated to find commonalities between people, cases and other data that you have access to . Data is indexed first to improve the speed at which results appear so you can focus on strategic analysis.

Find Fraud, Fast

Chorus Detect has a specially adapted module to allow Councils and Local Authorities to compare data to highlight fraud. Drag and drop National Fraud Initiative (NFI) data to gather insights as part of the UK Government fraud prevention strategy.

Intuitive Dashboard and Custom Reports

A dashboard clearly displays what fraud is present in the data, how much fraud there is and the status of the investigations into it.

Custom reports can also be defined and produced to show individuals with multiple addresses, bank accounts, and also to highlight cases where the single occupancy discount can be queried.

Detect Fraud


Dive deeper into the data using network diagrams that illustrate links between cases, individuals and entities. Chorus Detect also provides you with context around the result to help you understand where the data is located and how many times it appears.

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Watch query


Set up real-time alerts for search terms of interest so if a colleague or partner organisation uploads data containing that term, you get notified. Also get notified if someone else searches for your term of interest.

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