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Chorus Analyser

The #1 Communications Data Cleansing and Analysis Tool Used by UK Law Enforcement Analysts.

Data Cleansing
Connection Detection
Courtroom ready reports

Chorus Analyser is at the forefront of new technology that enables and empowers Analysts and Investigators. The Chorus platform takes disparate data types including communications data and device downloads and streamlines them to allow fast, powerful and in-depth analysis at the click of a button.

Agencies are dealing with masses of communications data, handset downloads, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, IP traffic, financial transactions, web chat, attribution and other data types in a single operation.  The volume in today’s digital landscape means that practitioners struggle to find the time to explore, investigate and resolve the full extent of the opportunities that exist.

Chorus eliminates the time spent unnecessarily formatting and preparing communications data to allow the practitioners to see the big picture and get straight to the answer.

New for 2018! Chorus Analyser now includes a dedicated RF module that is included in your existing licence fee. Combine and overlay your cell site surveys with your communications data to build up an even better picture of your investigation. 

Chorus Analyser
Session Management
Maintain operational integrity by managing data sources per case/operation.
Colour Visualisation

Immediately spot outliers and connections with colour coded visualisations


Instantly create a sequence of events that reflects numerous data sources.

Entity Linking

Attribute entities using multiple sources consistently throughout the Chorus platform.

Social Network Analysis

Visually identify gatekeepers and find paths between entities not directly connected within 3 degrees of separation.

Geospatial Analysis

Overlay multiple data sources including telecommunications, ANPR and cellsite – instantly.

Flexible Deployment

Deploy Chorus on standalone workstations, laptops or on your IT network


For immediate deployment and minimal hardware costs


For Flexible working arrangements and dedicated investigation rooms


For mass deployment across a force


For access everywhere and anywhere with scalable costs

Chorus Reports

Run complicated queries and produce courtroom-ready Reports - instantly

Save Time in Court and Pre-court

With real time rerunning of reports.

View the Data From Every Angle

Use Chorus Reports to look at data in new ways to provide a fresh perspective

Dynamic Data Export

At any time, export to multiple file types for maximum flexibility

Industry Informed

All reports are a direct result of engagement from analysts and investigators across the security industry

Beyond Manual Preparation

Chorus algorithms elevate the analytical process to advanced levels


Compare multiple cases to identify crossovers otherwise missed

Highlight and Uncover New Lines of Enquiry

Understand the big picture and how key suspects interact

Find the Needle in Several Haystacks

Manually comparing cases is a massive task; Chorus+ does it in an instant

Cross Case Analysis

Break down the walls of the police data siloes, unlock the valuable intelligence in previous operations, compare OCGs and discover areas for collaboration with partners across the organisation or globe.

Chorus Financial

Tackle the fastest growing crime type in the world.

Follow the Money

Pattern detection and tracing to assist with anti-money laundering operations

Multiple Inputs

Use data from many sources seamlessly

Identify Fraud

Chorus Financial’s powerful algorithms identify patterns of fraud

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