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Chorus Investigator is designed to help Investigators review the information available to them at a high level to help answer key questions and develop lines of enquiry, fast. We understand that time is critical in the early stages of an investigation, so Chorus Investigator is the latest edition to our industry leading data cleansing and analytics portfolio to help law enforcement in their fight against crime.

Chorus Investigator can be deployed on a laptop, PC, force network, or secure cloud, giving Investigators the flexibility to use the tool where and how they like.

Data Loading

Drag and drop your data into Chorus and take advantage of our custom cleansing rules to remove the noise.


Only see the data you want to. Filter by date and time, suspects, phone numbers, and locations.


Instantly see what happened around the time of an offence using the integrated mapping.


Easy to read reports display on the dashboard identifying top locations and contacts in an instant.

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Immediate Insights

Analyse lots of Data

Instant Results

Evidential Reports

Use with Minimal Training


Cleanse and Analyse Multiple Data Types

Call Data Records


Handset Downloads

Chat and Instant Messaging

Handset Data

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