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Chorus Indexer

Secure Data Sharing and Cross Case Analysis

A networked data repository designed for SPoCs and investigation teams to share data and find out if a phone number, IMEI, car registration, name or other entity has appeared in a previous investigation. Ideal for regional projects, Chorus Indexer allows forces to combat cross-border organised crime , human trafficking, and drugs conspiracies by unlocking intelligence from previous investigations. Accessed via a web browser, Chorus Indexer is easy to set up and install and can be deployed on a force network or cloud installation.

Unlock Intelligence
Easy Upload
Cross Case Analysis
Secure Sharing
Single Repository
Powerful Searching


Case Upload

Drag and drop all of your case files from your desk top
and categorise them for easy data retrieval.

Indexer Upload Files

Indexer Search


Powerful Searching

Search the entire database using keywords, telephone numbers,
IMEIs or other entities to instantly see if they have been recorded before.



Run a number of reports to see cross case connected phone numbers
and devices to help you see the full picture of an investigation.

Indexer Reports

To learn more about Chorus Indexer then please contact us at or call 020 3597 7350.  You can also download the full brochure below.

Indexer Brochure

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