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Chorus Network

Network On-Premise Deployment

Fully integrated network installation using on-premise force IT infrastructure.

"Why didn't we have this before? It's brilliant and I can quickly load everything into Chorus" - Intelligence Officer | UK police force using network solution

This deployment method leverages existing IT infrastructure for powerful and convenient access to Chorus. We have infrastructure experts who will advise on configuration and set up but deployment and upgrades will be managed by local IT teams.


We have seen a number of instances from our existing customers that using the superior processing power and low latency of on-premise Chorus deployments, speeds can be double that of standalone Chorus software enabling users to process data and conduct analysis even faster.


Similarly to cloud deployments, access to Chorus can be scaled up and down to meet demand. Once initially configured, a user can be given access quickly and easily to help with key operations.


As it's deployed in a very secure police environment, Chorus and the data that is processed and analysed will be free from attack and any vulnerabilities.

Data Sharing

Analysts and Investigators are able to share data and Chorus sessions freely to promote greater productivity and team working.

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