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Kiosk Deployment

Immediate access for front line officers via the kiosk system in use at police stations.

Chorus can be deployed directly onto kiosks for front line officers to use in a self-service environment. Data acquired for investigations can be dropped straight into Chorus allowing data interrogation and analysis to begin immediately.

Accelerate Decision Making

We know that front line officers and Investigators are time poor so being able to access insights and answers from data quickly and easily is paramount. Chorus has a partnership with a leading kiosk provider in the UK enabling our technology to be rolled out as and when needed.


Having the right tools at the right time allows front line officers to conduct analysis when they need to without having to rely on other departments or individuals to process a case. Full training and an intuitive interface ensures Chorus can be used by anyone, anywhere.

Existing Assets

Kiosks are gaining in popularity across the UK and with forces having already invested in the hardware, Chorus can simply be installed directly and be ready for use. This saves on capital expenditure and speeds up the whole deployment process.

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