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4th September 2018: Chorus Intelligence, a provider of data cleansing and analysis software to UK law enforcement, has announced the launch of its latest product, Chorus Investigator following successful trials in a number of forces. Developed alongside Chorus’ existing user base of police Analysts and Investigators, the data analysis tool has been designed to enable law enforcement Investigators and all front-line police staff to review case information at a high level, answering key investigation questions and developing lines of enquiry.

Chorus Investigator has been specifically developed as a one-of-a-kind tool that anyone in a law enforcement role can use to easily collate, standardise, cleanse and format all data pertaining to a criminal case, whether ANPR data, call data, online chat or device downloads, and quickly identify connections within cases, with minimal training. This is achieved through clear-to-understand maps and automated evidential reports to bring about conviction, from cases that might ordinarily take weeks to investigate, or remain unsolved.

Chorus Investigator

With police forces facing huge demand and stretched resources, the introduction of Chorus Investigator will speed up the process of solving lower level crimes which typically cannot be highly resourced by specialist police Analysts and officers.

Earlier this year it was reported by the Home Office that nine out of ten crimes result in no charge. By simplifying the data analysis processes, anyone within a law enforcement role will be able to analyse case data, quickly, in order to complete investigations regardless of the type or size of the case, in order to keep the public safe.

Chorus Investigator also has the potential to ease the pressure on the forces looking to tackle prolific issues such as county lines and missing persons cases. Using Chorus Investigator, forces can quickly detect data connections and locate criminal and missing people quickly by analysing and visualising all the data available to them, without having to draft in extra, costly resources.

Poor data cleansing can lead, in many cases, to cases being dropped; a recent review from CPS found this as a major issue in rape and sexual assault cases. With the launch of Chorus Investigator, officers can now be confident that they are looking at all the data available to them, enabling full disclosure when going to trial.

Boyd Mulvey, CEO of Chorus said: “Technology, and specifically, fast analysis of data is key to helping stretched Police Forces in the UK battle all crime; from the increasing volumes of violent and organised crime to county lines. Chorus Investigator is game-changing for forces as it’s now possible to carry out a level of investigation which has not been possible due to time constraints and lack of Analysts within the force.

“We founded Chorus in 2011 to provide law enforcement agencies with a cost-effective solution to the tsunami of data that Analysts and Investigators face in today’s environment. By far the biggest problem for forces is making sense of this data in a timely and efficient way. This is incredibly pertinent when you consider missing people. Having the ability to analyse call data in a matter of seconds, really could make the difference between finding that person and not.

“Working closely with our force partners we will continue to innovate and provide real solutions that make positive, and tangible, differences to law enforcement and public safety.”

Chorus Investigator can be deployed on a laptop, PC, force network, or secure cloud. The product has already been purchased, or is being trialled, by 15 police forces across the UK where it has proved its value in tackling county lines and missing person Investigations. The product is available now, and a free trial can be organised by contacting