Chorus employee returns from Antarctic adventure with Robert Swan O.B.E

We are pleased to welcome back Piers Mulvey, Business Analyst at Chorus, who has returned safely from his  expedition to Antarctica as part of Climate Force 2041.

Piers has reflected on his once-in-a-lifetime experience and with this, has drawn a new outlook and ‘zest’ for life, preserving our world.

His expedition took place on 17th -28th March, led by world renowned environmentalist Robert Swan O.B.E alongside a team of fellow, passionate individuals who share the same vision of becoming environmental leaders.

Piers commented:

“I have shared an incredible experience with incredible people, and established a deep connection with this international community. We are not adapted to harsh conditions like these penguins. Our progress has changed our climate, so we need to do what we always have done: use our technology to solve problems, together.”

Piers’s Climate Force 2041 journey has been documented through Instagram, where readers are treated to breath-taking pictures of the Antarctic, and Piers’ own personal insight of various stages of the trip.

Piers will be sharing his newfound knowledge and experience within the company, in a hope to creating a more economically friendly business outlook.

Here at Chorus we’re passionate about supporting our employees and great causes such as the 2041 Climate Force campaign. Being a technology-based firm, we understand that investment in the industry is vital to tackle climate change issues, and Piers has helped to provide the platform to enable more awareness throughout the technology and individual businesses.

If you would like to learn more about the cause, visit the website for more information. Or get in contact with the team to see how you can get involved!


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