Cheshire Constabulary Accelerates Analytical Capability with Chorus

Chorus Intelligence, the digital intelligence and investigation software provider, today announced that Cheshire Constabulary will be rolling out the self-service analytical tool, Chorus Investigate, to several new departments across the force.

Deployed from a secure cloud environment, frontline investigators working in the criminal investigation and serious and organised crime units will benefit from the software.

The rise in data volume that is synonymous with modern investigations has increased the workload of specialist analytical departments at Cheshire Constabulary. The investment in technology will give data analysis capability to a greater number of users at the force and give the Constabulary’s specialist analysts more scope to do other crucial work to help make Cheshire an even safer place to live, work and visit.

Chorus Investigate is an easy-to-use tool that reduces the time taken to get insights from mobile phone and other data that are used in digital investigations. Piecing together the movements and contacts of individuals involved in serious and organised crime is an essential task for an investigator. Thanks to Chorus, this can now be done in minutes rather than days or weeks.

A spokesperson for Cheshire Constabulary said “Technology has changed how crime is committed and every investigation now involves some form of digital footprint. Those footprints can reveal valuable information about a crime, or the suspects involved. It is important that we invest in the right tools for our staff to be able to understand the data and do their jobs effectively.”

Boyd Mulvey, CEO and Founder of Chorus, added, “We are proud to be supporting Cheshire Constabulary with their adoption of technology. It is great to see positive steps being taken to address the never-ending tide of data associated with investigations. We are there to support Cheshire and wider UK policing with their digital journeys and will do what we can to help them combat crime.

Empowering investigators with tools to conduct more efficient and effective digital investigations is becoming increasingly important as criminals turn to technology to carry out their illicit activity. More and more forces are looking for ways to make data analysis available to everyone, with Nottinghamshire Police recently announcing positive results from using Chorus tools.

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