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Police software allows smart analysis of data amid “creaking” pressure on investigators - Custodial Review - Nov 18

The CPS’s outgoing Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders spoke recently about the British Criminal Justice System “creaking” under the pressure of huge amounts of data being submitted for investigation with outdated police software still in use. For anyone working in the system, it is clear that there is a cause for concern for the future of convictions due to a lack of resources and an inability to keep up with the flood of data that new technology is presenting. Outdated technology cannot keep up with the data explosion generated by modern devices and apps. But technology has to be the solution to the problem, it itself generates. Read full article.

Joining the Data Dots Across the Thin Blue Line - Policing Insight - Oct 18

However, as the cuts bite further and forces are being asked to do more with less, it’s not always possible to highly resource a case with specialist analysts and officers. Yet, the data analysis is still vital. What we’ve now developed is software that can be used by any investigating officer to develop lines of enquiry and build their case. They don’t need to be tech wizards, or expert data analysts, we’ve brought them the ability to quickly and comprehensively visualise the data, to make it human and readable, not just for themselves, but for judge and jury when the case is brought to trial. Read full article

This Homegrown Data Visualisation Tool is Helping to Catch Criminals - Computer Business Review

Using Chorus Investigator officers working on a missing person case can enter the mobile data of the missing person and: “Within thirty seconds can at least see where that person’s been, who they have been communicating with, and is then more informed to make a decision around ‘is this a case? Yes it’s a case. How serious is it? Who is connected?’ and it gives them new lines of enquiry,”  – Originally published by Conor Reynolds for Computer Business Review

Chorus Intelligence launches unique tool to expedite criminal investigation - Press Release

Chorus Intelligence, a provider of data cleansing and analysis software to UK law enforcement, has announced the launch of its latest product, Chorus Investigator following successful trials in a number of forces. Developed alongside Chorus’ existing user base of police Analysts and Investigators, the data analysis tool has been designed to enable law enforcement Investigators and all front-line police staff to review case information at a high level, answering key investigation questions and developing lines of enquiry. Read full release.

Chorus and Police ICT Company collaboration could see 1.5 million hours saved - Press Release

Chorus Intelligence today announced that its data cleansing and analytics software now falls under a commercial collaboration with the Police ICT Company ensuring that police forces will have access to the latest intelligence technology when conducting investigations.

The Police ICT Company was established to create a bridge between the policing, technological and commercial worlds. It helps the service purchase ICT and manage it more effectively to help cut costs and red tape. Chorus Intelligence becomes the 4th vendor and the first Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise (SME)to secure a commercial collaboration following in the footsteps of IBM, Adobe, and VMWare. It comes as The Police ICT Company aim to create more value for users of technology across the UK. Read full release

How Chorus Uses Tech to Fight Human Trafficking - The Telegraph

Take an issue such as modern slavery, which is on the rise. The Home Office predicts that there may be as many as 13,000 victims in the UK alone. The Chorus + software helps to break down police data silos and share data to combat human trafficking as it takes place across multiple jurisdictions and locations. It also allows different police forces and departments to unlock intelligence from previous investigations and operations. “Searching can be done easily across multiple criteria,” Mr Mulvey explains, “including phone, IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity), IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) and keywords.” Read full article.

Data Sharing For Good - Policing Insight

The will to share data in policing exists, but the mechanisms to do so remain unwieldy. Boyd Mulvey, CEO of Chorus Intelligence, argues that removing the barriers demonstrates what can be achieved and will encourage greater sharing. Read full article

Chorus line: The journey to becoming a police approved supplier - Policing Insight

On 1 December 2017, the Police ICT Company entered into collaboration with a Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME). Boyd Mulvey, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Chorus Intelligence Ltd describes the journey to becoming an approved vendor with the hope of having a single contract with the police service. He reflects on what it’s like to be one of the first SMEs on board, the requirements placed on vendors, and explains why, although imperfect, the process is worth supporting and will give the police market a nudge in the right direction. Read full article